Recommended Ohio Homeschool Assessors

An annual assessment (typically either a standardized test or a portfolio review) is required annually. This is list of vetted homeschooling advocate certified teachers who know Ohio homeschooling laws and will be an excellent resource for YOU. 

All assessors listed below have answered a query and have been vetted by the admin team as assessors who are homeschool advocates and have been homeschooling with notification themselves (at least 3 years).  OHP does not necessarily endorse any assessor on this list, but they have shown they are homeschooling advocates of all homeschooling styles, including unschooling. It is the parent's responsbility to interview and hire any assessor. The parent is the client, and the assessor works for you. Be sure to find one that fits YOUR homeschooling style.


If you are a certified/licensed Ohio teacher who does assessments, have homeschooled according to Ohio law for at least 3 years, and would like to be added to this list, please Contact Us.    

Contacts are listed alphabetically by last name. If the assessor has chosen to be specific to a particular area of the state as opposed to statewide, this has been noted in the listing. 

Dorian Barnovsky

Hello. I’m your no hassle homeschool assessor. I have 15+ years high school and college teaching experience and 11+ years homeschool experience, homeschooling 4 kids. I charge $25 for the first student, $15 each additional with a $70 family maximum. Payment via PayPal. Photos of a few work samples for each child is all I require. Correspondence via email at I will mail you the signed forms via USPS. Thanks!

Becky Boerner:

I complete end of the year portfolio reviews for families across the state of Ohio. I love what I do! I home educate my seven children using a variety of methods, and I have a current Ohio teaching license. I work with families who follow more of a traditional path, unschoolers, and everyone in between. 

Please email me with any questions at There is more information posted on my blog: including an endorsement page.

Lisa Cox:

Over 12 years of homeschooling with one graduate and one in high school. Homeschool assessor with over 1,100 forms signed in 2017. Also, HSLDA Special Ed. Consultant, Owner/Operator of "School Solutions", Creative Writing Teacher, School Solutions Youth Co-op Coordinator, OG Reading Tutor, Homeschool Consultant, and year round volunteer in our community.  Co-admin for Ohio Homeschooling Parents.  Permanent teaching certificate. 

In person appointments in Dayton, select dates for Columbus, Cincinnati, and Akron/Canton, and statewide through Facebook. 

Julie Kraus:

Certified Teacher in both special education and elementary education and homeschooling mama of two boys, one gifted and one learning at a slower pace than his peers. I also have a child in public school, because I recognize that homeschooling is not for everyone. I am a former teacher of children with Autism and enjoy troubleshooting the learning process and helping families figure out what works for them. I live in farm country near Toledo, OH and often travel to Cleveland, where I was born. I do end of the year assessments for 

homeschoolers and unschoolers alike, as I believe that teaching methods should be as individual as the child.  

We can meet in person, by video or by still photo & conversation.  

Fees are negotiable, and all monies earned go towards the creation of my farm dream....which is to create a sanctuary where animals come to heal, and folks with special needs are given the individual supports to thrive. 

Contact information:

Julie Seevers Kurfis:

(NW Ohio/Toledo & surrounding area) I am a former classroom teacher who began homeschooling in 2010 after watching my oldest daughter struggle with a learning disability in a traditional school classroom during her earliest years. I have found that my philosophy of education has changed greatly over the years, as I recognize that teaching/learning can look as diverse as the children we educate. What a joy it is that we as homeschoolers can meet the very individual needs of the kids in our care! I'm happy to meet with fellow homeschool families face-to-face in the NW Ohio area at any public library in Toledo or its nearby suburbs. I don't see our time together as an "assessment", but as a celebration of your child's accomplishments for the year! 

Please feel free to contact me via email at or by phone 419-874-4761. My fees are: $35 for one child, $55 for 2-3 children, and $75 for 4+ children.   

Dana Gingrich:

(Columbus area) I am certified in Ohio to teach 7-12 mathematics. I have three kids and have been homeschooling for over a decade. While I do ask to see a portfolio of some sort to fulfill the letter of the law, I also know the law is vague on what exactly that portfolio should look like. Different parents have different styles – I assess them all. I also test using the Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests of Achievement, which is low-key, not timed, not tied to Common Core, and takes about an hour. I do not report scores to anyone but you, and you receive the scores the same day you test. 

Contact me at or 614-408-3856 for more info.  

Debbie Heck:

I am a former elementary school teacher, with a Master's Degree in Early Childhood, and hold a current Ohio teacher's license. My two children have been homeschooled all along. The oldest is 12. I love making the assessment portion of law compliance easy with the portfolio option. I provide all types of homeschooling families and their learners, even those whose children have special needs. 


I'm available to do east Cincinnati area group assessments and assessments by mail. Two student samples (worksheets, photos...anything will do) is all I need to comfortably fulfill the law. $20 per student, $30 family cap and a self addressed stamped envelope. 


Email: Call/Text: 513-293-0227

Julie Holdridge:

I am a former public school teacher with 16 years experience, and now home school. I have a Master's Degreee in Elementary Education. I love to do portfolio assessments for all types of home schooling families. I am located in the Grove City area. I meet at a public location on Stringtown Road. It is $25 per child with a max of $75 for the whole family. I can be contacted on facebook! 

Dr. Karen Holinga:

The Reading Doc (Grove City, Central Ohio). Dr. Holinga is the writer and creator of the new spelling program called Spelling You See. She is a former homeschooling mom (children are grown) and is active politically as well as a wonderful resource for reading difficulties and yearly homeschool assessments. 


Colleen Q. Malloy:

I am a homeschooling mom of two daughters who have never been to school. I hold an Ohio Teaching License and Reading Endorsement. In my life before kids, I taught at the elementary level as a classroom teacher and reading specialist. I am available to do portfolio reviews both online and in person. For in-person reviews, I typically meet families at libraries, coffee shops, parks, or private homes throughout Northeast Ohio. I am available to do online/Skype/e-mail/phone reviews for families across the state.  

It's my goal to make the portfolio review process a celebration of your child's progress and accomplishments. The beautiful thing about homeschooling is the freedom we all have do what works best for our families. For this reason, I am comfortable working with all homeschooling styles. 

Fees: In person - $40 for first review and $25 for additional. $100 family max. Online - $30 each with $100 family max. Need-based discounts available. Contact Information:

Sarah Martise:

Portfolio reviews in Gahanna home or Columbus Area, or online via Facebook, Google Hangouts, email, or Skype.  Current homeschool mom and teaches art classes for homeschool students online and in person.  I also have a background in Special Ed. I am here as a support for you, to help you be successful in your homeschooling/unschooling adventure! 

Contact: or 614-832-3741.  For more information please visit  

Lisa McAffe:

Portfolio reviews in my Fairfield home or Cincinnati/ Dayton area, online or via phone for those who cannot meet me in person. A homeschool veteran of 16 years and an assessor since 1999, I love encouraging and supporting both traditional and nontraditional homeschooling families in their choice of educating their children. I am an Ohio certified teacher and have teaching experience in private and public school and homeschool co-ops. Additionally, I tutored for a number of years students on the autism spectrum and students needing additional help in academic areas. If interested in having an assessor who will meet with you and send personal notes afterward, please contact me at: I have a homeschool blog that has a testimonial page if you are interested: I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your family. 

Diane Spaeth:

(OHP NOTE: This assessor is not personally a home educator, but is a grandparent of homeschooled children.) Ohio public school educator with 18 years of experience. I am a homeschool supporter as my own daughter homeschools her 3 children. I have been evaluating homeschoolers for 10 years. Fees: $40 first student, $20 each additional student up to 4 students, $90 Family of 5 students, $10 additional per student for family over 5 students. 


I am able to come to your home or a nearby public location like a library or park.  I am located in West Chester, OH and can travel in the Cincinnati/Dayton area.  Email for other locations. References are available upon request. I am FBI/BCI background checked. I have a valid Ohio Teaching license and have taught in the Middletown City School District for 18 years. I have a Masters in Reading and Literacy and extensive curriculum background in literacy and math.  Dates for assessments are available June—August. Email to: 

Sarah Spencer:

I am a certified Ohio teacher and I complete portfolio reviews in person (Kent, Stow, Tallmadge) or via Email. Contact me on facebook or at I am a homeschool mom and I am open to all styles of homeschooling. $30 for the first review and $20 for additional children. $100 family max. 

Molly Taylor:

Homeschooling mom certified as an Intervention Specialist and in Reading; open to all homeschooling methods. $35 for the first student and $25 each additional student, face to face (Union and Delaware counties) or via email, 419-779-2819   

Heather Zell:

Former elementary classroom teacher who had a heart change and decided to homeschool her own children many years ago and has never looked back. She enjoys researching all things related to homeschooling and has a passion for encouraging families that they are their child’s best teacher. She is involved is several homeschooling groups and loves the opportunity to meet and network with parents on this journey. 

Contact info: Phone number: 614-440-7140