New to Homeschooling in Ohio?

New to Homeschooling in Ohio?

New to Homeschooling in Ohio?New to Homeschooling in Ohio?New to Homeschooling in Ohio?

Welcome to Ohio Homeschooling Parents!

Ohio Homeschooling Parents is a state-wide homeschool support and information network.


We offer homeschooling compliance and notification information, and strive to encourage Ohio families in their right and ability to home educate their children. We value liberty and parental rights. 

OHP aims to provide connection, education, encouragement, and up-to-date information for current Ohio homeschoolers.  We also support those who are currently using the public school system (either physical or virtual) and are looking for help in transitioning to independent homeschooling.  

Quick Links

New to Homeschooling?

New to Homeschooling in Ohio? Start here!

Start here! This Primer will guide you step by step through the entire process of getting started in Ohio.

Notification/Assessment Forms

Ohio Forms to Download

Law-aligned forms you can print out and use for notification and year-end assessments. 

Ohio Homeschooling FAQs

Ohio Homeschooling FAQs

Already read through the Primer, and you have more questions, or are you ready to dig a little deeper?

General Homeschooling Info

General Homeschooling Info

How do you find curriculum? Can homeschoolers get a diploma and go to college? What about socialization? Links and other resources for your homeschooling adventure.

Member Resources

Member-Only Resources

Resources such as a list of vetted Homeschool Assessors, groups and activities arranged by area of the state, and OHP member events.

OHP Blog

OHP Blog

OHP updates, news, sometimes wordy thoughts, and encouragement from Debby 

About OHP

OHP was founded as a social media support network for Ohio parents who are homeschooling independently, or are seeking information about how to transition to the freedom of homeschooling from within the public or private school systems (either brick and mortar, or the e-school/charter public schools).  

Please note,  we are fellow homeschooling parents, not legal counsel. Information shared should not be taken as legal advice. We highly recommend being well-versed with the applicable administrative code and your rights to home educate. The regulation codes pertaining to Ohio homeschooling are linked on this page. We also highly recommend joining the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) if you experience any legal challenges. Contact us for a group rate code, if you are a member of OHP. 

At OHP, we welcome and affirm members who employ a wide variety of independent homeschooling resources, techniques and methodologies. We are a very diverse group - we are Christians and Atheists,  unschoolers, workbookers, traditional and eclectic, conservatives, liberals, and any other usual division typically found. We are (amazingly) united under one cause - we are passionate for our children and advocates for home education.   


Come join the conversation in the largest (over 11,000) and most diverse group of homeschoolers in Ohio -we’d love to have you!

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OHP is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit charity. 

Membership is free with OHP. However, your tax-deductible donation keeps this website running and ad-free, and is appreciated!  

Your support and contributions not only help with this website, but help us in our mission to support and advance home education in Ohio. 

Thank you!

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