Example Completed NOI Form (2 pages)

The following are both pages of an example completed NOI form. 

See the notes written within, and below, the examples.


Additional Information

1 - As noted on line (2), write in "N/A" (for "not applicable") on the "Email and telephone number (optional)" line. Ohio law notes that providing a contact email and phone number is "optional", but it is not recommended to provide this means for the district to contact you. All official communication must be in writing, so providing alternative means to contact you results in procedures not being followed by districts, and sometimes family harassment.

2- These lines are only used for the circumstance of someone other than the parent providing most/all of the home education, such as a family member or friend who provides the home education instead of the parent. Otherwise, write "N/A" here. This is NOT to be used for supplemental, activity, or co-op classes, or for noting purchased curriculum programs or academies.  

3- As noted on line (4), include ONLY those children who will be home educated AND who are of compulsory age. (Age 6 by the first day of school in your district, through age 18 or graduated.) If you have children who will be continuing in school, or children outside of the compulsory age range, do NOT include them on this form - even if they are 4 or 5 and are doing preschool or kindergarten at home. We notify for purposes of obtaining an excuse from compulsory attendance only, not to announce or make homeschooling "official". If your child is not compulsory age, you do not need an excuse from compulsory attendance. See the FAQ page for more.

4- As noted in lines (6) and (7), please see the How to Homeschool in Ohio - Primer step #3 for information on completing a curriculum list/addendum. For the form itself, simply checkmark/X your assurance, and then attach the curriculum addendum as noted in the Primer. 

5-  At the end of Page 2 is a privacy notice before your signature. If you decide to not use a form, or not to use a law-aligned form provided by OHP or a legal organization like HSLDA, please write in this privacy notice so that your family's data will not shared without written consent.  In this age of common core data mining, this is very important.